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Learn about the community effort to rescue the Escuela Amina Tió de Malaret. 

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Who are we?

Hurricane María changed the lives of every Puerto Rican.

In September 2017, a group of passionate people from the West and the diaspora mobilized themselves to create a brigade that would meet the immediate needs of communities after María. As part of these efforts, debris was collected, roadways were cleared, and thousands of groceries, water filters, tarps, and other essential goods were distributed to aid the recovery process after the emergency. Thanks to the support of hundreds of people and organizations, we were able to rebuild 14 dwellings impacted by hurricane María. 

Five years since, we have responded with coordinated support to the earthquakes in the South and West, and we continue to work toward developing our communities through mutual aid, art, music, and activism.

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Five years since María

To Puerto Rico~


A letter of Love and Solidarity 

We've got each other.

In an embrace, we share your pain. 

Five years since Hurricane María, we assert: 


*ALL the money from ALL the empires in the world will not bring back our 4,645 dead. 


*"Funds", "aid" and "relief" return to their pockets like boomerangs... we will not be bought.


*What we lost was not due to a natural phenomenon but due to the evil, apathy and greed of BOTH governments. 

*In the west, 16 days went by without hearing from a single state government official. Yet thanks to their silence, WE FOUND EACH OTHER. We supported ourselves. We made ourselves grow. We united. We failed. We learned. We are still failing and learning... 


Strengthening ourselves through SOLIDARITY. We are not the same people we were five years ago. But amid EVERYTHING we lost, we also lost the fear of dreaming about and building the Country we deserve. 


We've got each other.

P.O Box 1073 Boquerón, P.R. 00622

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